IBCM8 Registration Form
IBCM8 Global Conference | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Royale Chulan Hotel | 19-24 June 2023 Registration is open to all those who are part of or associated with the IBCM Network of Brethren churches worldwide. 1. Registration closes on May 15, 2023. 2. A deposit is required as part of all registration submissions. 3. Full payment is required by March 31, 2023. 4. After March 31, 2023, all registrations must include the payment of the full conference fee. Please complete this registration form in English if possible. If you are having problems with submitting this form or processing your payment please contact us at ibcm8@ibcm.net. We look forward to seeing you in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in June 2023. The IBCM Network Team

1. Passport
2. Credit/Debit Card - to pay your non-refundable deposit
3. Know if you need to apply for a Visa. To check go to: https://www.visasmalaysia.com/requirements/


You need to fill in a separate form for each separate person participating in the conference (even infants).
Will be used by IBCM Network staff for arrival and departure purposes only.
Languages offered are: French, Portuguese, Spanish
Languages offered are: French, Portuguese, Spanish




You must apply for a visa yourself. To do this go to https://www.visasmalaysia.com/requirements/
Transport guidance and tickets will be provided from the airport to the hotel by train and shuttle on Sunday June 18 and Monday June 19 only. Return transport guidance and tickets will be provided to the airport only on Saturday June 24.


Short term mission trips covering different ministries in surrounding countries including Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Pakistan, will be offered following the conference to a limited number of participants. The mission trips will cost between US$300-$1000. If you select yes more details and a mission trip registration form will be sent to you.


During the conference there will be a number of Network sessions as well as specific electives related to the network area. Choosing a network track still allows you to choose other electives.

CONFERENCE FEES (per person)

All amounts are in US dollars.
Registration closes on May 15, 2023.
If you are applying for a supported place you are still required to fill in the conference details and pay a $50 deposit.
Visa insurance will cost $50 each.
If you need to apply for a Visa and don't have your own travel insurance you must select YES.
All rates are in US Dollars
Amounts are in US dollars
Amounts are in US dollars
Amounts are in US dollars

I declare that I am a member or associate of a Christian Brethren church or organisation. I understand that by submitting this form I confirm that the information given on this booking form is accurate and that I recognize that it is necessary for IBCM Network to hold and process the personal data provided for the purposes of IBCM Network in accordance with our privacy policy (ibcm.net/about/IBCM Netwrok), and to communicate with me about it.I also undertake to ensure I meet the visa and covid regulations of Malaysia at the time of entry to the country.